Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Last From Japan

Well friends, on Tuesday next I'll finally do the leaving I've been preparing for.  Seeing people for last meetings has kept me busiest.  JET Goodbye party, last conversation class meeting, conversation class BBQ, ESS (English Speaking Society) Goodbye party, Goodbye Ceremony for high school, Goodbye ceremony for Junior High School, last coffee dates, dinners, sleepovers, last trips and drinks together, last class, day of school... lots and lots of lasts.

I usually don't do things gradually... I usually pack for any trip the night before.  I like to focus on one main thing and get it done.  Moving to another country can't really be done that way, and I'm proud of myself for the work I've done getting all of my belongings organized and cleaned up in preparation for moving.  I did my clothes one day, Knox's another day, and I did a couple sessions of cleaning out toys.  I did a big day of cleaning last weekend.

The Big One is tonight.  I have no other plans tonight but to finish getting rid of things, cleaning, and packing.  I have to be done because tomorrow night is my apartment check where an officer from my school, my supervisor, someone in charge of the building from the Board of Education, and a person from the flooring shop will come to inspect my apartment.  There is nothing to worry about... except that I went, in my supervisor's eyes, from a good and responsible ALT to a devil-foreigner in the blink of an eye one afternoon last week.  This is no big deal aside from the stress she will inflict upon me when she inevitably finds a dust bunny or perishable food item that will offend and horrify the new ALT coming in.  Of course, I don't think the new ALT will give a crap, but my supervisor is a controlling person who loves to rustle up drama whenever possible, and the worst part is that she has no idea.  I just have to get through tomorrow evening.

I heard that there was trouble between her and the previous ALT, but I just went about my business with her and it went very well the whole year until just last week.  She went from being sugar-sweet to me to insulting me and talking about me in Japanese and a derisive tone right in front of my face.  It was Jekyll and Hyde.  My fellow teachers have assured me that I'm not alone in having trouble getting along with her, and the principal urged me to enjoy my last days in Japan despite her behavior.  

So anyway, once my apartment check is over tomorrow night, I think I will be home free on apartment matters.  I have to take my car to the shop and cancel my cell phone on Monday.  Besides that I just have a few more last coffee dates before I head out on on Tuesday.

I've been really excited, but today I'm a little stressed cause I have so much to do.  Mostly, now, I am concerned about properly thanking the kind people who have been my friends and co-workers for the past year.  I have a lot of 'thank you' notes to write.

Knox doesn't want to go to school anymore... I think because he wants to stay home with me and have me all to himself.  We are counting down the days at school.  Two more days of school for both of us!!  I don't know how or why, but he is not upset about leaving Japan, and he just wants to get on with it and get to America already.  He keeps talking about his dog (Nana's dog) Rocky, and his cats (my 2 cats at Grandma Jo's house and the cat at Pop pop's house).  He is excited.  :-)

We are all looking forward to the imminent changes and feeling optimistic.  The next time I write, it probably won't be from Japan!!!

From Japan,


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