Sunday, April 21, 2013

BP Killed

I just happened, at this moment, to have finished looking at pictures from the BP oil spill that happened 3 years ago in Florida.  I left for Japan shortly after the spill.  I tried to volunteer for clean up, but the training would have taken longer than I had left in Florida.  Pictures have reemerged in the news because Florida just sued BP, finally.  I remember being disgusted by the pictures, and donating to International Bird Rescue.  

A Pelican

The pictures I saw today were just horrible.  A pelican; hermit crabs; unidentifiable birds just looking like inert clay figures, coated with and oozing oil.  Imagine oil thick over your eyes, no matter how many times you blink.  It's suffocating just to think about it.  Dead turtles and dolphins washing up.  They lived it and died it.  It's repulsive.  I hope BP repays every dime lost to tourism and businesses, and I hope they are made to contribute to the well being of the species whose ancestors they were accessory to murdering.  Yes, "accessory", because every adult with any knowledge of the oil industry knows that flora and fauna will be killed in the process in one way or another;  It's just that usually this side-show of death is legal because there is too much money to be made for attention to be paid.  

A Bird

I hope BP has to build marine research centers for schools.  I hope BP chooses to donate millions (or billions?) to the charities that helped clean up their mess and saved some of the animals they gooed.  As for the families of the 11 men who died... what can they do?  Nothing can pay for that.

Anyway, I hope the continued clean-up forestalls long term diminishment of wild life populations.  And I hope we all move on to more Gaia-friendly forms of energy so these things just don't happen.

From Japan,

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