Thursday, January 10, 2013

THE Sweater

Prepare to be mildly amazed.

If you remember (I'm sure you don't), I wrote about a desired  sweater in my post Life Update, on November 28th, 2011.

You can follow that link to experience the full glory of that post, I clear my throat, or you can just read the relevant excerpt here:

       Actually, now that I mention it, I'm going to check out BR.  I'm jonesin' for a Christmas-green cable-knit crew-neck silk/cotton-blend sweater.  Yeah, I get specific.  I'd say throw a little cashmere in, but even I, at my income level, know to stay away from $200 sweaters... you know, for the most part.  Wahahahahaha!!!!

When I said "BR" I was talking about Banana Republic, one of my favorite stores.  I am in fact today wearing a red sweater and black pants from BR.  Yes, it's pricey, but they have GREAT sales and the stuff lasts forever.  (I've had these particular pants since 1999, and they are still beautiful.  I'm telling you; make the investment.)

Anyway, back to THE Sweater:  Here were the parameters given in 2011.  BR.  Green.  Cable-knit.  Crew neck.  Silk/cotton blend, even though I really wanted cashmere but could not spend $200 on a sweater.

I'm sitting here feeling really excited.  I've got that magical feeling pulsing through me and if I was in church and believed in the resurrection I would jump to my feet and throw my hands in the air screamin' praise Jesus.  

On December 29th, I was gifted by my resourceful and wonderful mother, Shopping Day for Christmas, the best Christmas gift a good girl can receive.  On that fateful day, I went to Banana Republic, and what do you think I found?  THE Sweater.  Green.  Cable-knit.  Crew neck.  And.. wait I have to breath... 100% Cashmere

Guess how much it was originally.  $198.00.  Guess how much I got it for?  $62.00.  And yeah, ok, that's still a healthy amount of money to spend on a sweater, but if you average the amount I spent on all 5 sweaters I bought there that day, I spent only $32 on each beautiful Banana Republic sweater.  Fate, my friends.  Believe.

I mean, this is The Secret type mojo.  Shakti Gawain would be proud of me.  Ok:  Sweater, down.  Now for that mansion...

From Japan,

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