Monday, August 27, 2012

PMS / Travel

Dude I was PMS-ing hard.core. yesterday.  I was trying to find people to talk to so I could bitch about stuff.  I wanted to pull somebody's hair and then tell them they were fat.  I wanted to walk out of work, I was so mad about sitting on my butt for 5 hours with no tasks but for those I assign myself.  I think I feel like telling you this because it serves as some kind of confession and atonement.

I recognized the self destructive qualities of my hopes and dreams of bitching, fighting, and deserting my post of English speaking glory, and I mostly succeeded in sparing myself the consequences of my cranky mood.  My super-awesome friend showed me patience and understanding, and cheered me up.

Today I feel sooo much better, partly cause I did two rounds of Spartacus before school today.  Feeling like a fat ass is about the surest-fire way to put me in a Negative Nancy state of mind.  Haven't been able to shake that since I was 8.  

I have sushi plans tonight, AND it's 10% off Tuesday at Sushi Meijin: Yay. I have an attention deficit right now.  I've been prescribed meditation to strengthen my focus.  I can look at my To-do list on my way out of work, and forget 1 of 3 things on my way home.  Last night I forgot to look at my list, so I forgot the stuff that I was supposed to bring to school today.  When I remember to do something, I do it as fast as I can so I don't forget to do it later.  And if I remember to do two things, I write the other one down next to me so I don't forget about it while I'm doing the first thing.  Sigh. 

I'm going to Korea!!  I haven't left the country of Japan.  Ever.  It's true.  I left America 6 or 7 times, if you count international waters and Canada, but I have never left Japan.  But I will!  We have a long weekend coming up and I'm planning to spend a few days in Korea.  I hope it's cool.  I'm sure it will be.

And I just want to take this moment, for no good reason, to say I never want to go to China... except it would be really cool to see that field of stone guys.     

But I do want to go to every continent.  Yes, Antarctica is a continent and I want to go there.  And yeah I want to go to Egypt and South Africa, but I also want to go to real Africa (I know, how ignorant), like Zimbabwe.  Do I have any middle school friends reading this blog?  ZIMBABWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  And Russia, for ballet and architecture, and Europe anywhereIdon'tcare, but I want to see gardens and castles, and the Galapagos Islands, and Machu picchu, and of course Argentina with Natalia.  Australia.  I wanna fight a kangaroo.  Just kidding I just want to ride in the pouch.  

Sushi in 40 minutes.  Bye bye.

From Japan,


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