Monday, June 11, 2012

Productive TV Visiting

I've got this kinda antsy feeling.  I think to myself, "What do I want to be doing?"  And I answer myself, "Something productive."  I'm studying Japanese.  That's productive.  But I still have the antsy feeling. 

What would I really like to be doing then?


Dancing.  I'd like to be in LA at Edge taking a contemporary jazz class.  Or ballet.  I'd cry if I took tap.  It's too sad to be rusty at my greatest talent.

Weight lifting.  I'd like to be at the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center doing a session with Alan.  It's hard to stay fit, but when I'm successful, I feel REALLY good.

Learning.  I'd like to be enrolled, somewhere, and going to learn Japanese for an hour everyday, like I did at UF, but at the time I didn't appreciate it or take it seriously.  I was drowning, and I had no practical application for the language, and I never dreamed I would even visit Japan.  Christina saved me.  But I didn't really learn.  I grabbed on with all my might, which is what it took for me to keep a tenuous grasp on the information.  After the tests I collapsed, and it slipped away.  But, it probably stuck with me more than I know.  The mind is a funny thing.


Game of Thrones is AWESOME.  How did it take me so long to figure this out?  I don't know, but now I'm on episode 10 of season 1 and I love it!!  And somehow I have figured out how to watch 10 hours of TV in the past week and still get everything done, and even more than usual, maybe.  Things happen fast in Game of Thrones.  On a lot of shows, they drag out one scenario for the whole season and you get the payoff after like 12 episodes.  Not on Game of Thrones.  It's like episode 3 and I'm like, they're not gonna kill THAT guy already, and then BAM:  That guy has no head!  Episode 10 and there have already been 3 different kings!  BAM!!

I also love So You Think You Can Dance, but my Internet is painfully slow and I don't have those downloaded, so I'm not caught up. 

I saw Black Swan last week.  I fall out of the moment with dance movies because they don't usually use actual dancers as the actors, and I cringe at their technique.  With Black Swan, Natalie Portman did a really good job, but Mila Kunis gave everything away with her hands.  Professional ballerinas do not spread their fingers like that.  Eww.

Knox is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous and heart breakingly adorable.  He slept extra long this morning and I was eating breakfast when he woke up.  I watched him start to wiggle around.  How can it be so wonderful just to watch someone wiggle their toes?  He stirred more and then jumped up on his knees and looked all over the bed for me.  I heard him make a little grunt when he decided I wasn't there.  He looked upset.  But then he looked up and saw me watching him from the table and he smiled.  His face is full of light.  I ran in there and hugged him and kissed him and tickled him. 

My mom is coming to visit.  I'm really excited.  She is ridiculously excited.  Of course she is!!  She's coming to Japan!  She's going to see her daughter for the first time in two years!!  She's going to see her grandson for the first time in two years!!!  He was only 1 year and 4 months when we left, and now he is 3 years old!  It's gonna be awesome.  We're staying 2 nights in Tokyo, then taking the train to Osaka.  We might be able to take in a castle before we embark on an overnight ferry ride to Beppu.  Then we will have 12 days in the greater Oita area before we head to Fukuoka and she returns to Florida.  I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to navigate Tokyo and Osaka, but I'll do my best, and either way it's gonna be great.  I'm really excited to see Japan through new eyes.  I'm excited to see what she thinks is weird, cause I've gotten used to it all.  In Oita I want to do the regular stuff like Monkey Mountain and Umi Tamago Aquarium.  I also want to go to Suginoi Hotel to swim.  She will LOVE that.  I would like to go stay in the cabins at Zeai Camp Ground, but I don't know if I can manage to book that... Maybe I'll get some help.  I think we will go to Usuki to see the castle, and hopefully Mike will be able to hang out, and maybe even take us to the big staircases in the water.  I've never seen the stone Buddhas.  Maybe we will do that.  Me and my mom like to just go on a drive down the coast.  Every turn will be an adventure for her, which will be fun for me.  And of course it'll be great just to be together for the first time in too long.

Is good?  Is good.

From Japan,


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