Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Bachelorette

You can hate, but I still like The Bachelorette.

You know those people who look at pictures of fat people, put fat people pictures on their fridge so they will think twice about that twinkie?  So they will spend a few minutes on the treadmill?  I'm not one of those people.  I don't want to look at what I don't want to be, I am inspired by looking at what I do want to be.  So one reason I like The Bachelorette is because the bachelorette herself is always HOT and in the best shape of her life, and that inspires me to work out more and harder.  And I like the fashion and make up.  Although, I will never be that tan unless I do some very unhealthy things.  Oh, well.  It's really nice to be free of tanning culture in Japan.  The foreigners who used to care don't care anymore, and the Japanese are always trying to get more pale, so I'm golden.  Ha. 

This season is my favorite of all seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette combined.  That's because Emily is awesome, and a lot like me in her character and convictions.  She's also a lot like me in her straight forward way of talking to people.  She's probably slightly more diplomatic than I am.  As I said before in my post The Bachelor, we don't usually get to listen in on private conversations like this.  We don't get to see how people navigate their private relationships.  I find it very interesting and informative to watch how people conduct their relationships; what they say to each other, what they say behind each others backs.  It's so interesting to see how people learn about each other, to hear the questions they ask, and to determine losers from people of character.  Emily also, like me, has a child.  Maybe the show is silly, but she's a good role model for me.  I have strong convictions and stand up for them, but it's still good for me to see someone else standing up for theirs.  It gives me the extra confidence and strength I sometimes need so that I never settle.

The Bachelorette also films all over the world.  I'd really like to go to Portugal, a gorgeous country with castles, palaces, beaches, and a fascinating history.  A country I never would've thought about if I hadn't seen it on the show.  Last night when I watched they were in Bermuda, and although I'm from Florida, so close to Bermuda and the Bahamas, I've never been to any of the islands.  The furthest I got was Key West when I was in elementary school.  The water looked intoxicatingly beautiful on last night's episode and I'm inspired to get there someday.

There's also the yucky love stuff and conflict.  There are moments of truth on The Bachelorette.  There are, sometimes, real exchanges, passionate debates, and moments of human connection.  Sometimes something happens, and I wish I had somebody to hug and kiss right then.  Often times the events on the show are thought provoking to me, and I wish I had someone to discuss ideas with. 

Yeah, it's a silly reality show, but I like it.

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