Sunday, April 8, 2012

Knox: Approaching 3!!

Hi family and friends!!

Knox will be 3 years old on April 20th.  He was born 3 years ago at 3 in the morning in Tampa, Florida, USA (at Labor of Love Birth Center in Lutz, to be exact).  It's almost time to celebrate his birthday!  Yay!!

He was 7lbs 4oz, and now he is 14.3kg (31.5lbs).

He is about 93cm tall (3ft).

He has gotten big! and he goes on the potty most of the time.  Japanese people love his blond hair and literally stop me on the street to take pictures of him.  I've even had one guy stop me to show me a picture he had taken of Knox several months prior, and then he got a fresh one.  He's the most beautiful boy in the world.  No matter how hard it has been being a parent to a toddler, he's funny and smart and vibrant and I always find myself smiling.

Knox loves T-Rex, dinosaurs, pirates, Peter Pan, and Tom & Jerry.  He likes building castles and other things and of course he loves cartoons.  And he loves books and reading, especially about pirates and dinosaurs. 

He has these pirate socks and he would have a fit if they were dirty or drying and he couldn't wear them, so now he has three pairs so he can always be wearing his special pirate socks.  Knox is also pretty athletic.  He can kick a soccer ball and throw a baseball with the power and accuracy of a five year old.  No lie.

We are planning a party for him.  Family in the USA!  You have just enough time to send Knox a birthday card or gift if you can.  I know he will be very excited about his cards and presents and it would make him feel so special.  I'll be sure to post pictures and videos of his beautiful face lighting up on his special day. 

I also plan to get his 3-year-pictures taken this year, again in Japanese gear. 

Friends in Japan... Knox's party will be on Sunday, April 15th, in the morning.  Location to be determined.  That's 5 days before his birthday, but the next weekend is too busy with the Frisbee tournament on both Saturday and Sunday.  More details and plenty of chocolate cake to come.

I hope you will be able to help me make Knox's birthday very special by coming to celebrate with us, or by sending a card if the commute is too daunting.  :-)

Thank you for your love and support now and always.  My baby is almost 3!!!

From Japan,


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