Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter, Winter

Winter, winter
go away.
Please come back
another day, but only when I am on a winter wonderland vacation far away from the place that I actually live.

How do you like my new poem?  I'm cold.  I'm ready for a warm spring.  Crocus, where are thee?

I made bread yesterday for the first time in about two years, and for the very first time using the bread maker that my friend Megan most generously passed on to me.  It was really easy, and I have visions of making bread for every occasion that comes my way for a while.  Every favor shall be repaid in bread.  And I didn't even need yeast!!  It was way easier than my past experiences with very temperamental bread recipes.  I just tossed all of the ingredients into the machine and Wa La!  Perfect bread.  I should make it sound harder.

Knox helped.  I messured ingredients and then let him pour them in.  He really likes helping and is always very excited about eating anything that he helped with.  This morning as we were leaving the apartment he ran over to the bread maker and said, "I want to eat that!"  I promised that we could eat it after school, so today I'll be enjoying banana bread when I get home, and I want to start another loaf for a friend that just had a baby.  I hope I get that done!!

I have very few classes over the next week because the students have four days of exams, so I am hoping to get down to business studying for the GRE.  Like I have said before, I don't know how I'll do it, but I know I will.  Math, I shall conquer thee, if only for a day!

I have lots of big plans for this year.  I'm going to a friend's wedding April 1st in Kyoto, and while I'm there, Peter and I are going to take Knox to Universal Studios Japan.  I have wanted to take him there for so long!!  I'm hoping to go to Okinawa for part of Golden Week, but I'm not sure what will happen yet.  Maybe I'll go on a cheaper-than-going-to-Okinawa shopping spree instead, because I have to save up for my mom's visit in July!!  Tickets to Japan are crazy expensive right now, but I have to make it work.  And I am visiting the United States along with Knox and Peter in December/January.  I am in need of a trip home and I'm really happy, but I'm probably going to cringe when I spend upwards of $6,000 on plane tickets. 

Family, will you feed us when we get there?  I hope so.

I've been trying to keep up to date on Castle, The Bachelor, and Californication in the midst of the streaming crackdown.  It seems if I watch things in a timely manner, I catch them before they get pulled down.  I've given up on Pretty Little Liars.  The girls are cute and I like the hair and fashion, but the show just got too terrible to withstand any longer.  Also, Archer is great, but I don't have to stream that as I have other sources. 

Oh, remember when I said the flu doesn't exist for me, and it was confirmed, at least with type A?  Well, Peter had the stomach flu last week (from like 20 kids that had it at his school), and then Knox got it, and he puked in the ball pit the other day and I had to go to a neighboring store to buy him all new clothes, and I took care of Knox and all his pukey clothes and had to change the entire bed twice one night... but guess who DIDN'T get stomach flu?  Wahahahahaa!

Ummmm... that's all for now!!

From Japan,

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