Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today n' Stuff

Oh yeah, printer?  You're あいどりんぐ?  Well QUIT idling and do your damn work. 

I'm having a nice day.  No really!  I don't know what it is... well, I kinda do... but I look tired, I feel tired, my clothes are an interesting mash of things that I put together and didn't have the time or resources to improve upon, I should really take a shower, I ate this pastry this morning that I thought was simple メロンパン,but turned out to be this sugary mess of melon bread, cream cheese, an unidentifiable but not altogether unpleasant colorless jelly, and a ring of something that reminded me of a diaphragm...  It was sweeter than cake and I couldn't eat it all.  I think it will take me days to recover from the surprise melon- bread- breakfast- cake.  Despite all of this, I've got a kind of momentum about me today and I'm pumped for my five classes.  Last week I was a little depressed about my five classes cause it was my first day back to the normal schedule after a loooong holiday and period of having zero classes.  Today?  Let's go, baby.  I'm ready for ya. 


I'm down four classes.  One left.  I don't look tired anymore, but I'm suffering from the after lunch slump... sleepy... so sleepy...

I'm teaching the game Balderdash today.  It's very complicated to explain this game to the students, but they are really interested.  It is rare that I have almost everyone's attention even when they all have an activity to be doing, but today I have most everyone's attention even though all I'm doing is standing up front on the stage explaining the game.  I mean, that's not really ALL I'm doing.  I'm writing on the board and holding up the supplies for the game.  I'm giving them Japanese translations of things and handing out little papers to some people so that we can do practice demonstrations.  I'm giving examples of ways they can answer.  If you know the game Balderdash, you might think that it's simple.  You would not believe how complicated it is to explain that you don't have to know the word, you are trying to figure out what the word means, you do not need your dictionary, but that you ARE trying to listen for the correct definition once the definitions are being read.  They are responding really well to me handing out cards to the students who's definitions are chosen, and to students who get lucky and choose the "real" definition. 

Lucky for me, I played the game with my English club on Wednesday afternoon.  They showed me where my explanations were inadequate and where I straight up needed to translate things.  They helped me choose the best translations from my Kotoba application on my iPhone.  They were awesome.. I totally owe them magic cookie bars.

TONIGHT:  I am absolutely plan free for tonight.  I will be ALONE all night.  There are many people in my life that I am very, very fond of, but this is something that I have not experienced in recent memory... for real... and I am looking forward to it like it's my birthday.  My eyes are burning right now, but when I get home, I will be free to sit on the couch and close them.  This alone is magnificent.  This is sad, but I am so, so happy to have time to vacuum.  I am THRILLED that I will be able to work out before 9pm, and that I will be able to take a shower early enough that my hair can dry before I go to bed.  I will be able to watch, perhaps, more than one episode of some show I'm following... Castle?  Yeah.  I'll finish the Castle I started two nights ago, that I had to abandon to squeeze some sleep in between all of my errands, child rearing, social demands, and teaching, of course.

By 10pm tonight I want to have exercised, cleaned my entire apartment including vacuuming, all dishes, and all laundry, eaten a healthy dinner, taken a shower, and watched TV.  I can't hope to do my shopping, paint my nails, organize my paper work, or read, but alas, we must prioritize, and I can do two of those things at school.  I just won't have the energy or focus to read.  I need a mental pablum.  TV over books tonight, my friends. 

TOMORROW:  I'm getting a hair cut!!!  I'm really excited about this.  I love getting my hair done.  Love it!  I have long hair, so I don't get to do this very often.  The last time I got a haircut was August 16th, 2011.  I've been talking about going to my salon, Mellow (on 5th Avenue -or music street-, across from K9Zoo; Yusuke is fabulous), since November.  I need some major shaping up.  Getting a hair cut is one my sure fire beat PMS/depression fixes (as Amanda knows).  The other is buying new shoes.  Maybe I'll do both tomorrow.  And I'm not even depressed.  God, I'll be floating.  ;-)

After that I know for sure that I am playing Beer Pong into the wee hours.  Does college ever end?  Not for a JET.

From Japan,


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Nichole said...

Hey, take me to your hair place with you one of these days so I can get mine trimmed up too. I haven't had it cut since I went home in... June.

Glad you are getting to relax. I had one of those all to myself nights a few days back and it was GLORIOUS!

Happy to see you Saturday though I hope <3