Monday, December 26, 2011

Tokyo Plans

Oh, I don't know... I guess I'll do New Year's in Tokyo.


Actually, my plan for many weeks has been to go to Ibaraki to visit a friend and to take excursions to nearby Tokyo for fun and New Year's Eve.  It hadn't occurred to me, until Peter pointed it out, that Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world and a huge New Year's Eve partying destination.  And I was like, "Oh, yeah.  YOU'RE RIGHT!!  YES!!!"

I can be a little flighty. 

In Japan, as a JET, you can get lucky or you can get screwed on the topic of holiday time.  I didn't get lucky.  At my friend's Christmas party the other day, we were all talking about our plans for the week and they were all like, "You have to work tomorrow?!"  Yes.  I had to work tomorrow.  Assholes. 

So, I have to work some days this week, but then I am traveling.  I'm taking the bus, the least expensive means of transportation to Shinjuku, an area of Tokyo.  There have been a butt-load of expenses between getting my driver's license, buying a 2nd car, getting shakken and insurance on the second car, Peter moving out and paying key money, Christmas, Bonenkais... Oy!!!  So, the bus it is.  I like the bus.  My professional sleeping skills have diminished significantly since having a child, as I don't get as much practice as I used to, but I am confidant that I will be comfortable and able to sleep on the bus.  I once slept in front of a speaker at a Goldfinger concert.  Yes, sir, I did.

I will get on a bus from Oita to Fukuoka on Wednesday afternoon, then poke around Fukuoka for a while.  I planned my bus a little early so I would have time.  The Mac/Apple store is right near the station.  I'll go play with the iPads.  I'll lose interest in that in about 10 minutes, then maybe I'll go to the MAC make-up store.  Are there any other MACs I can visit?  Maybe I'll get a Big Mac.  Ha!  No, I won't get a Big Mac.  I can't believe you even suggested it.  Then I'll get on a bus at 7pm headed for Tokyo.  I will arrive around 9am in Shinjuku.  I'm looking forward to the hours of watching the Japanese landscape.  I haven't gone one place in Japan where I didn't spontaneously think, "Japan is beautiful." I'm really looking forward to it.

When I arrive in Tokyo, Melissa will scoop me up and we will see the land.  I want to see natural spots most of all.  I want to party like a fucking rock star on New Year's Eve.  Not like any rock star.  Like Ozzy.  Like Rick James.  Like the whole crew of Motley.  Motley Crue, that is.

If I live through that, I will be getting back on a bus the evening of January 1st at 7pm destined for Fukuoka, where I shall arrive around 9am.  I'll probably be tired and just get on the next bus for Oita.

I'm excited to catch up with Melissa, to see more Japanese landscape, and to experience Tokyo.  I've been to Tokyo, but I spent all but a very few moments inside my hotel for JET orientation.  I'm excited to have a real New Year's party experience, and I feel confidant to be in the hands of a very competent partier.  Our friend Mike, who threw the Christmas party, will also be in Tokyo.  We'll have a grand old time. 

Happy almost New Year!!!

From Japan,

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