Tuesday, November 15, 2011


What is character?  It's really fucking important.  That's what it is. 

I'm in rare form today.  If you got opinions and judgements on your to-do list, avert your eyes now, 'cause I have no plans on sugar coating today's special installment.  I haven't had much sleep this week.  I drank A LOT on Monday night.  I'm quite a bit under the influence right now, and my head feels funny when I look from one thing to another.  I don't really have my wits about me, and yet I'm feeling passionate about this topic.  So, the way I communicate it might be... interesting.  Let's see how it goes!!  ( "LOL!" doesn't seem right... what's the initialism for "chagrined chuckle"?) 

Disclaimer:  This is a blog.  I want it to be entertaining.  As in acting, singing, painting, and writing, and any other art, I believe a choice should be made and a clear directive should be the goal.  I'm an aggressive communicator on top of that.  I know I'm no saint, and that I fuck up ALL THE TIME.  I try to always admit it.  Owning the truth of one's words and actions is the character I'm talking about.  Also, I was once accused of being biased in one of my posts.  Yep, uh huh, this is my blog.  I will be biased all damn day.  You want unbiased?  Read some dry psychology text.  You can't even get unbiased in the news, much less on MY blog.  I wouldn't have a blog if I didn't have so many damn opinions.  I'm not bad, I was just drawn this way. 

So, really, what is character?  According to me (and what do I know?), it's when you have a set of values that you believe in, and you act in accordance with them.  If I could enhance the "and" more, I would.  Words alone mean nothing.  NOTHING.

People almost always equate strong character with "being good."  This is not in my definition.  Whether or not you are a good person is very subjective.  Whether or not you have character I guess depends on your definition of character.  In my little world, it is not very subjective.  Maybe a little, but it's pretty easy to eye-ball it.

I do not believe having a strong character means being a "good" person.  I mean, if someone has strong character, they might be a good person, but they might not be.  I don't remember the terms from Logic... if you are a good person, you probably have strong character, but I think you can have strong character without being a "good" person.  Not mutually exclusive, I guess.  I don't know.  My head is swimming around.  I personally am much more interested in fraternizing with people of strong character, rather than "good" people.  If you have character, your words and your actions align.  That doesn't mean you are nice.  (I mean, if you are a mean person, or you like to club baby seals on the weekends, I'm probably not going to hang out with you, but that doesn't mean you don't have a strong character.)  That doesn't mean you are trying to save the world.  It means that if you say that you are a MAC/Apple elitist and purist, I better not find a Sony Tablet S in the magazine pouch next to your toilet.  And if I do, own it.  Say, "Yeah, I'm a hypocrite, but that thing was a steal."  Excuses make you a schmuck.  Owning the truth of your words and actions make you a person that deserves respect (even though you may still be a schmuck who likes to club baby seals on the weekends.  Ha!)

Having character means that if you love to talk smack about people, don't say you don't gossip.  You can talk shit all day, as long as your actions don't conflict with the words that come out of your pie hole.  Be what you are and let people choose to be around you, or not.  Do what you say, say what you do.  Own what you are, and don't pretend to be something you aren't, cause that is really fucking hard to maintain, and people will know you are full of shit in pretty short order...  For me, it's that simple.

For example sake, who has great character?

Jesus, whether you think of his story as actual or fiction, is the ultimate representation of character. WWJD?  Dude did not say one thing and do another and he did not go back on his word (so far!!! LOL!).

For the most part I'm going to stick with well known figures, but I have to follow Jesus with my friend Andrei L. (the Andrei formerly known as Andrei N.).  I do so because he lives by and up to his own standards, which led to a few friends coining:  WWAD?  If you are awesome enough to be that good of an example to the people around you, you get on the list.

Jon Stewart.  First of all, comedy isn't an easy thing to be a great success at, and he definitely is.  Imagine a young Jewish dude who wanted to do comedy, but moved to NYC and didn't get on stage for a year.  He had tons of shit jobs like most of the rest of us have growing up.  I equate his rise to the throne (and around 16 Emmy's) with strong character because he had the balls to recognize what he loved and to go for it, no matter how hard it seemed.  It takes character to make bold moves in your life.  It takes that kind of strength to have a belief and do what you have to in order to make it your life.  Lots of people love him, lots of people hate him.  Either way, he is, in my opinion, a man of character.

Your words and your loves should be your life. 

If they aren't, you are either weak or a hypocrite.  Yeah, damn that's harsh.  Yeah, well, damn that's true.  It's like in Fight Club when Brad Pitt's character threatens the shit out of that convenience store guy to either follow his dreams of being a veterinarian (I think) or get capped.  I fucking love that concept- "Follow your dreams or I am going to kill you."  Sure, people can't go around acting that way, but it's an awesome example in the fiction of film of what I'm getting at. 

WoOoOOooOw!!  I probably shouldn't post this.  Hey, there are a lot of things I shouldn't do.  We shouldn't do.  In song bird form, fuuuuuuck iiiiiiiiittt.  Hey, that reminded me of Tomek.  Oh, God, I have to go lay down.

From Japan,

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