Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The other day, I asked a student if I could come to judo with her, and she gave me the big crossed arms signal (they do this in Japan: they cross their forearms to make an x meaning no, wrong, or bad) and said, "No, no."  I said, "Why not?!"  She pointed at my arms and shook her head, indicating that I'm too weak, which pissed me off in a good-humoured sort of way.  Like I have said, I'm competitive and fueled by adversity, so I dropped to the classroom floor, did some push ups, in my black pinstriped pants and button up shirt, and then got up and gave her an air karate kick to the head.  Then I circled the class, threatening to bow people in the face.  Everyone got a good laugh, and I left knowing they had a different opinion of how strong I might be.   When the bell rang, the students were all filing into the hall and pointing at me saying, "Strong, strong."  Who's weak now?

From Japan,

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