Wednesday, October 5, 2011


First, some business:  Family!!  Knox needs winter clothes.  Feel free to send footed pajamas, 2T, if you have a hankerin,' cause I haven't seen those here.

And now to the shopping...

Millions of people can't stop smoking.  Some people have issues with alcohol, some with drugs, others with sex.  A few get thrills by doing dangerous things like jumping out of airplanes.  Some people steal for an adrenaline high.  I shop.

I don't know what it is... I guess every person has an emptiness to fill, at some point or another, but whatever your vice is, the desire is always there.  I LOVE shopping.

I have asked for shopping as a present:  "Tiffany, what do you want for your birthday?"  "I want to go shopping.  Give me some money and 4 or 5 free hours, and my birthday fantasies will be fulfilled."  One time I asked every person in my family and Peter's to give me Banana Republic gift cards for Christmas.  Oh, God, it was glorious.  I shopped there whenever I wanted and could get there for 6 months.

I know one indication of being an alcoholic is drinking alone.  I don't know if it's the same with shopping, but I prefer to shop alone.  If people are with me, I feel too much pressure to get out of the dressing room quickly, and I can't browse with focus:  STOP TALKING TO ME.  I AM SHOPPING.  Oh, you want to go get a smoothie, that's cool... but in my head, I'm whining, "But look at all the stores we are passing and not going in to.  I know I'm not that good of a cook, but Williams Sonoma is right there and I want to see it." 

In LA, I got really into grocery shopping because I was exposed to Trader Joe's and my fav, Whole Foods.  There is no need for justifications or the after shopping guilt.  I mean, IT'S FOOD, right?  Well, not quite.  It's not just shopping that feeds my need, it's QUALITY shopping.  Maybe I didn't need the Raw, Organic, 16oz Live Granola for 13 dollars.  But it was really good for me!!  And I feel really good about eating organic, grass fed beef, and if I have to eat something quick, organic whole grain pancakes or a prepared vegan box is really nice.  I like chocolate.  Organic chocolate from the Alps.  Wahahahahahahaha!!!  Yeah.  I really like gourmet shopping.

Luckily, I had a better handle on the meaning of money by the time I moved to LA.  But, I still ended up with my first Citizens of Humanity and 7 for all mankind jeans.  Dang Nordstrom coupons.  But I must defend the quality stuff.  I keep my clothes forever.  Right now, I am wearing a Banana Republic skirt that I got before I met Peter.  That means I have had it for more than 10 years.  It's beautiful and in perfect condition.  I firmly believe that investing in quality is worth it.  Sure, you get like ten times more stuff from Forever 21 for less, but it falls apart the 3rd time you wash it and your money is gone.

So, I bring up shopping because, over the past 4 or 5 years, I have buckled down pretty seriously.  There have been entire months when I did not go shopping at all.  Yeah, I know.  Crazy.  (And probably not true, lol!  If I'm dying, but trying to be good, a tank top from American Eagle can tame the beast.)  But, really, I was much, much more frugal.  I became a fan of Goodwill, where I often found some of my favorite brands for 2 dollars instead of 50.  I have no trouble with the store name or the price, as long as I get the shopping experience.  Especially during the time post-pregnancy, pre-regular body, I needed interim clothes that I knew I would only wear for a month or three.  Goodwill!  But, I did really well for the past few years, rarely ever splurging, except on fancy food.  Which is ok, cause it's food, which I will defend by saying that healthier people don't have to spend as much on medical stuff.  Eh?

Yesterday, I went shopping.  It was fun.  I tried to order an electric blanket on Amazon, but it wouldn't ship to Japan, so I got myself one from Muji, our local... I guess it's kind of like IKEA/Target, except tiny compared to them, and completely neutral (colors).  As I understand, that's what Muji means- something like "plain" or "neutral."  It's pretty cool.  I needed the blanket because I am not messing around with the cold weather this year, so I got bootie slippers and the electric blanket before the time comes that I can see my breath in the kitchen.  I might order some serious gloves, too.  My coat is nice, but the feathers are starting to pop out of it and stick to my clothes, so a new coat might be in order.  I also got some organizational things for the closets that I am trying to clean out and organize.  In cleaning, I scored a PlayStation and some ankle weights, found in some dark dusty corner, left by my predecessor.  The ankle weights already improved my ab and leg exercises.  Awesome.

I also got some fun girly stuff:  A dress, some nail polish, some hair thingies... I went just a little crazy, but not too crazy.  Since college I graduated from credit to cash, so I can't get myself into too much trouble. 

I want to take some pictures of funny things around here that we don't have in the US- like this umbrella gadget I saw yesterday at Starbucks.  Since it was raining, they put this thing out by the front door...  It's about hip high and about 16 inches wide.  You stick your umbrella in to the top, push it down, and then pull it out the front, and your umbrella comes out with a plastic cover on, containing all of the mess a wet umbrella can cause.  Speaking of Starbucks, I have a mug collection, and on Monday night I saw two 15th Anniversary (of Starbucks in Japan) mugs.  I thought, oh those are cool, I'm going to get them tomorrow.  They were important to my collection, as they are unique to Japan.  On Tuesday, they were sold out, and apparently they are sold out all over Oita.  Grrrrrr.

Ok, enough of my ramblings.  Have a great day!

From Japan,


Megan said...

I know you love shopping! You are good at it. I probably ruined all your Brandon Mall trips, but I have good memories from meeting you there!

Tiffany Hope said...

You didn't ruin them!! Building a friendship edges out building on a wardrobe. ;-)