Monday, October 31, 2011

...but it might just be a lunatic your looking for.

My eyes are open, but I think I might actually be sleeping. 

My mind is blank except for this thing I did yesterday that I remember I wanted to tell you.

I went to the post office with Knox, my back pack, and two packages, and we had to catch the bus to downtown after that.  I don't know if you know, but it's not that easy to go anywhere with a 2-year old, much less with so much stuff in tow, and public transportation thrown into the mix. 

I got to the post office and successfully mailed off my return to Victoria's Secret (the fuckers).  The other package was a present to my nephew, but I stupidly was honest about what was inside, and apparently you are not actually allowed to mail shochu (or any alcohol) to the United States.  So, I left the post office only one package lighter.  The post office is very close to my apartment, BUT the bus stop is in between the two.  If I were alone, I could've run back to the apartment and dropped off the package, but with Knox dawdling along with me, we would have missed the bus if I had tried to make it.  But I was not taking that package any further. 

What to do, what to do?

My neighborhood post wouldn't take it.  I couldn't bring it home.  I thought to myself that if I took it to the downtown office and tried to send it from there, lying about the contents, I would be caught.  I couldn't discount the possibility that every post office in town was already aware that a foreign woman with a child was trying to mail shochu to the US, in a memorable baby pink package, no less.  The woman had contacted a call center to ask for me about it, and I couldn't be sure that she wasn't talking to the main downtown branch that I would've tried next.  So, I knew that I would have to re wrap it in a different color and have someone else go lie about it.  That meant I couldn't get rid of it fast. 

That meant I had to leave it at the bus stop.

Oh, is it so crazy?  This is Japan.  People don't steal things in Japan.  Plus, I have two significant first hand experiences leaving things in public spaces and having them returned to me.  I thought it was more likely that someone would mail it for me than that someone would steal it.  I figured I had at least a 90% chance of it still being there when I returned, approximately three hours later.  I thought, "Who will pass by here in the next three hours?  A few old ladies?  Some school kids?  Some dudes walking their dogs?  The risk is smaller than the pain I would suffer from either lugging it around or waiting for the next bus.  I'm leaving it."

So, I tucked it behind the bus bench, still in very plain view, and went about my day. 

I arrived back at the bus stop a few hours later, and there it was... in a different spot.  Still, I wasn't concerned.  I got to it and could see that it had been gone through.  The pink, plastic wrapping had been nicely replaced, but the tape was pulled off, indicating that someone had rummaged about inside.  Still, I wasn't concerned.  I didn't even stop to look.  I just picked it up and took it home.  I checked it out when I got home and everything was accounted for.  I figure someone, maybe even law enforcement, had just wanted to make sure it wasn't something dangerous.  I'm sure once they saw the contents, they thought someone had misplaced it and would return for it. 

You may be right.  I may be crazy.  I left a few bottles of alcohol and a box of cookies at the bus stop.  But, all's well that ends well.  Hey, you should be impressed:  I bet YOU'VE never written a blog post while you were asleep.

From Japan,

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