Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hooking Up, with Japanese Students

Oh, I amused myself by getting fLisky with my Resson pRan today.  Maybe you'll be amused too!  Let's enjoy together! 

English Slang Expressions - Hook Up
Tiffany, ALT

A.   I will hook you up  means
I will give you some.
I will help you.
I will introduce you to someone.

B.   Hook me up!  means
Give me some.
Help me.
Introduce me.

C.   Did you hook up?  means
Did you meet?
Did you introduce yourself?
Did you work together in some capacity?

Let’s read these examples of how you can get hooked up, then pair up the explanations at the top with the examples below.  Put the letter of the closest explanation on the line under the examples.

A: I really want a cookie.
B: I have cookies.  I’ll hook you up.

A: I like your friend.  Can you hook me up?
B: Sure, let’s go.  I’ll introduce you.

A: Hook me up with some of those French fries!
B: No way, get your own French fries.

A: You have to listen to this new band.  I’ll hook you up with a copy of the CD.

A: Did you and the new boy hook up?
B: No, he had onion breath when I went to talk to him, so I went to karaoke instead.

Write one of your own!!

OMG. I crack me up.  ;-)
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