Friday, July 15, 2011

GRE Math Update

So, I admit that I've been having a mild, months-long temper tantrum about having to take this math test.  I also admit that I had done little more than an all-math overview before yesterday, which definitely wasn't the place to begin.  Looking at everything at once just overwhelmed and deflated me.

I got the excellent advice not to study the material on the test, but to do lots of practice questions.  I didn't realize how right that advice was until yesterday when I finally took the diagnostic quantitative ability test.  I know I'm being silly, but I've worked myself up so much that it literally gives me the heebie-jeebies to open the book to that section.  After taking the test and beginning to look at the explanations to find out what I did wrong, I have realized that it's all pretty simple.  If you know the rules, you can do most questions in under a minute, probably.

So, I feel a lot less of a hopeless case and now I'm gonna fudging "Will Hunting" that sugar.   

From Japan,


Rob said...

Hi! What book are you using to practice? I got the official ETS book which is ok. I heard the Princeton book has many errors. Good luck on the test!

Tiffany said...

Rob-I am using an old Barron's cause I heard it was the best from some peeps who did well. But now the test has changed. If you are on Facebook, I can let you know what practice I find to be helpful.