Thursday, June 16, 2011

TMI Maybe? Oh, Well.

Today has been a remarkably good day. 

I'm becoming famous for my TMI.  I don't really give a dag on care.  Here's some more.  I've spent at least part of each of the past 60 days or so crying in bed.  Why?  What ails me is collaborative:  Culture shock, a lengthy period of sickness, continued repercussions of illness, hormonal fluctuations due to weaning a toddler (we are totally done now), a lack of proximity to most of my friends and loved ones, a job satisfaction deficit (not because I don't enjoy my job, but because I am a pet foreigner and quite underused.  Basically, I have too much time on my hands), and a couple of other things that even I know well enough to keep to myself.

But today, for some reason, has been a remarkably good day.  I decided to wear a dress today because I couldn't handle the prospect of trying to match.  In Japan, even professional adult women wear thigh highs, and I've been meaning to join in to that fun trend, so I got my new ones out and put them on.  A girl always feels better when she looks cute.  (My friend Amanda knows two of my feel-better staples; get a haircut or buy new shoes.  I've done both lately.)  At school this morning, I had a great talk with my friend and supervisor, and then we taught the best class that I have experienced since I arrived in Japan.

After class, I prepared for the rest of the day, and got copies of some of my writing ready to share at a writer's circle.  I laughed out loud at a Facebox response that one of my friends left me, and had fun translating a Kanye West song into Shakespearean sounding English.  Then I had a nice walk to 7/11.

My daily walks to 7/11 have kept me alive these past couple of months.  It helps so much to get out, move my body, and get some air.  Today I said "Konnichiwa" to a little old lady passing by me in the other direction.  I smiled at her sweet and cute little old lady voice.  A few seconds later I heard her say something, so I turned around.  She was turned to me and smiling, and she said, "Arigatou!"  That means "thank you."  We smiled at each other and waved.  I don't know why my greeting made her so happy, but it was a magical moment between us.  I don't know why it was so special, but it was.  I made someone's day better.

Once I got back to school and finished my lunch, I went into the women's "take a rest" room to practice my tap dance for the talent show.  (That room is not the bathroom; it's just a small room with a couple of couches for resting, crying, phone calls, applying make up, talking, etc.)  The JET talent show is tomorrow night, Saturday, and as of Tuesday, I was pretty sure I didn't have the gusto to get ready for it.  A friend helped me pick my chin up, and as of my practice today, I am ready.  I was stressing about what I would wear, but since I've just decided to wear the dress that I am wearing to the dinner, I'm golden.  And since my 12 year old tap kids did this dance at my last dance recital in Florida, it's more of a personality piece for me, but I hope it will be entertaining.  I'm really looking forward to it, actually.    

I am at my desk, not in tears, and I'm feeling optimistic.  All of a sudden, I kinda feel like I could do anything.  Be it lasting or fleeting, I'm grateful to feel the sun... the sun...

From Japan,


Alexmlkeyes said...

Glad you had a good day! EVERYONE has their tear-y downer days, it comes with the territory.

I'm really hoping someone films the talent show - I'm sure you'll be great!

Anonymous said...

Here comes the sun, do do do do, here comes the sun and I say: It's alright. Good to know that things are on the up and up.

Megan said...

You've had so much going on and hormones certainly play a part. I'd probably be crying every day too. I'm glad you had a GREAT day today however ... I didn't know Knox was sort of weaning. I know there can be a lot of mixed emotions about that!
Feel free to always share your feelings - I am often surprised how not alone I am after I break it down to others and see they feel a lot like me.