Monday, June 27, 2011

Knox: My Bubby

I love my little bubby boo boo!!

Knox is 2, so of course he can have his moments, but he's such a good boy.  He has never liked to sleep, but I'm getting about 9+ hours at night from him and 2 to 3 hours at nap time.  Last Saturday he slept 4 hours at nap time.  He eats well and he says please and thank you a lot of the time...

On Saturday when he was winding down for his nap he started talking to his bear, Chester.  He said, "How are you?" "I'm great!" "Chester sleeping," "Chester crying," "Hi Chester"...  Knox put Chester down on his face and pretended that the bear was crying.  His fake cry is really funny and dramatic.  I had never seen him talk to his animals that way and it was really fun to see.

Last night he hit me in the stomach as hard as he could with a plastic baseball bat.  That hurt.  It really hurt a lot.  He knows not to hit and he usually doesn't, but he got carried away.  I totally didn't see it coming, so I don't even know if it was an accident or if he had a plan to take mommy down, but down I went, holding my gut and moaning in pain. 

Moms tend to get beat up, especially by little boys.  I'm a little surprised he hasn't broken my nose yet.  Whenever he accidentally or purposely booms me, he pets the hurt spot and says "Sorry Mommy."  Last night he said it over and over again.  I was down for the count, but he was so sweet and cute, and felt really bad that he had hurt me.  Then we took a bath, where Knox went "swimming in the ocean."

It seemed that when I was with him all day, he respected me more.  Now it seems that he will never do a thing I say unless I get very creative or threaten him with time-out.  Lately, Peter has been having talks with him about how he has to listen to mommy, which works well.  He just tends to push me a lot more than he pushes Peter, which I really don't think is a result of me acting like a push over.  I am no push over, and I've been a pretty firm disciplinarian, I think.  My only soft area might be when I can't decide whether to let him explore and be creative or to put the reins on.  It's very important to me that he not be educated and disciplined out of his creativity and intuition.  I also want him to be a well-adjusted and considerate individual with an awareness of boundaries.  I've seen what can happen when parents won't say "no."

When Peter puts him to bed, he goes to sleep.  When I put him to bed, he screams.  I've re-transitioned from the Sears sleep method to the Ferber sleep method and he is going to bed with a lot more ease now.  Usually I have to struggle with everything from getting each leg in the diaper to getting him to put his clothes on.  I have to assert my authority, chase him around... it's exhausting.  But last night he came over, got his diaper on, shorts, T-shirt.  It was so nice.  

Knox has these magnet books that he loves.  The magnets are noses, mouths, and eyes.  The pages have blank faces: Spy, Scarecrow, Monster, Fairy, Monkey, Fish, Rabbit, Bird, Crocodile.  He puts the faces on over and over again.  He asks to play with them every day.  He loves to play "soccer ball game" and "baseball bat" and "train tracks."  

Knox is doing really well.  He had a bad cold 2 weeks ago, and then kept getting fever spikes for a couple of days, which was strange, but he's fine now.  He loves school where he gets to play with lots of Japanese kids, learn games, read books, do flashcards, crafts, and go on field trips to pick strawberries and plant rice.  I was reading this article about how difficult toddlers can be and how they might scream "I hate you" or "Bad Mommy!"  I can't imagine Knox saying something like that!!  I guess kids learn that stuff from other kids, but luckily Knox's Japanese friends don't know those things.  He did learn a phrase "Yada" that basically means "hell no," but it's not so bad.  He also says "kashite" which means "give it to me" and a few other Japanese things.  He's getting good at "Itadakimasu" which is said before meals. 

Oh yeah, he's been scared of monsters lately.  When we were at the JET talent show, these men came in wearing demon costumes and playing drums.  Knox got really scared and he's been talking about the monsters ever since.  I had Knox watch one of my friends go give one of the monsters a hug, but it was a little bit of a problem for a few days.  I've been really on top of it.  We talk about it and do monster destroying training.  We go look out the window and make sure there are no monsters anywhere, and I show Knox how good mommy is at scaring monsters away.   

He snuggles with me every day, sometimes at night, sometimes in the morning, sometimes after school.  He kisses me and says, "I love you, Mommy."  I miss him.  I'd like to be home with him.  I think that I won't make the choice to work away from him again in the future if I don't have to. 

From Japan,

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