Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teenage Poetry

     I wrote these poems when I was 14 years old.  I found them in boxes of old stuff when I began my move to Japan last July, and I found them again in the zipper pocket of my purse when I was searching for my health insurance card the other day.  I spaced these poems the same here as I did in 1994.  The copies are so old, they even have that perforated strip on the edges that should have been peeled off years ago.  I refuse to be embarrassed!...  OK.  I'm embarrassed.  But, I want them to have a more permanent home and we have to put our nostalgia somewhere, so prepare to be tortured by bad teenage poetry; don't worry - my 14 year old self did not leave out the angst.

     The world is far too separated
Unlike my Utopian youth-
     The people of the world loved
earth other under one small roof.
     Each color, creed, and way of life
was made part of our own-
     Why can't the world be young like us?
     Why won't we all be one?

     Our world needs no more classes,
It's sad; the gaps grow large.
     And with those gaps the love's forgotten
and hatred takes charge.

     You don't know why you hate them, do you?
I'll tell you why that is -
     You're blind and will not see the light,
your ignorance blocks the way.

     This isn't the way it's supposed to be.
Why can't you understand?
     We should love the human next to us
regardless of his native land.

     Look past the foreign face you see
because this is what is true -
     There is no one on this planet
less beautiful than you.

I've known you so long
and I've known you so deeply
but I've learned not a thing
and that's why I'm weeping.

So young and afraid-
I guess I had reason,
as again and again
I see you leaving.

I try to lose faith
and give away the love,
then find myself praying to the heavens above;
Please God if you have ever answered one prayer before-
I'm pleading, hands and knees on the floor-
Make me forget or give him the power
to love me as I've loved him hour upon hour.

If there really is mercy,
bestow it upon me.
God I can't waste another day-
Please set me free.

  Something's You

     Something's here but then it's not
Perhaps it never was
     And then again I could be lying
Why?  Well, just because.
     I should be doing something here
but cannot find the time.
     And no one else here seems to care
so why then should I mind?
     You will never understand my ways
and probably never try.
     And that is why I've got to go.
I'll leave you with goodbye.

From Japan,

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