Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunshine and Lollipops

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere...

Remember this song from The Simpsons?  Chief Wiggums is chasing Marge Simpson down in his cruiser.  I think he fumbles with a tape and another song starts, and he's like oh, oh, no that's not it, and then this song comes on and he goes on with his high speed chase while singing about lollipops and rainbows.

I love how this song and the memory of that brilliant context make me feel.  They make me feel like everything good is really good, and that the day to day monotony is just silly.

I had a good night last night.  I hung out with Knox and Peter and we had dinner.  Just as I was walking out the door a package came for me that I was excited about.  Then on my way to Wasada town I took two wrong straights and one wrong turn, but it was no big deal and I still got there in plenty of time.  Uniclo had the pants I needed, and I also picked up a few other things:  a long sleeved T-shirt (390¥), a cute baby doll shirt (390¥), and tights (190¥).  I'm wearing new clothes today, which is always nice.

After Uniclo, I headed down to Starbucks where I met some friends for tea and coffee, respectively.  I had a full leaf (no sugar) version of the chai tea soy latte.  As a working mom and wife, I don't spend much time on my own or with people other than my husband and son.  Being with them is very nice, and I almost didn't want to leave them last night, but time with other people, time with friends, and time alone are really important. 

I sat with my two friends and one very friendly new acquaintance.  It was nice to sit down with some girls.  We talked about upcoming holidays and I thought about whether I should vacation in Japan or outside it.  We talked about the earthquake in NZ, work, wellness, and lots of other things.  We had a nice talk and I felt refreshed.

I went home and read for about an hour, then went to bed.  Knox slept all night.

I'm making today a sunshine and lollipops kind of day.  ;-)

From Japan,

PS:  I just heard a lot of screaming outside and the 5 or 6 teachers still in the teacher's room went to the window.  I went to see what was going on.  I figured it was a sporting event or something out on the grounds, something special for the final weeks of school.  It wasn't.  The screaming came from lots of happy and excited middle school students who just found out they are accepted to this school.  The scores from the high school entrance exam were posted today.  The middle schoolers came on Tuesday to take an exam, the exams were scored on Wednesday and Thrusday, and the results posted today.  There is a TV camera out there along with many students jumping up and down with their friends and making calls on their cell phones.  About 230 students took the test, and about 70 of them did not pass.  I'll have to remember how sweet and excited they were to get into high school. 

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