Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knox's Day at Almost 2

Hello friends.  This is how Knox's day usually goes.

Knox wakes up almost every day around 6am.  He does not heed the 6:55 alarm time.  He cries "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!" until one of us goes to get him.  As soon as his first aim is achieved, pretty much the second one of us has our hands on him, he starts saying, "Beeboos, beeboos, beeboos!"  Just switch the syllables around and you can figure out what that means.  He gets his beeboos, then if it's really early we put him back in bed and he screams about it, or he gets up with Peter following shorty after.  Then he yells, "Mommy, get up, please!" for the next twenty minutes until I get out of bed.  Yes, it's heartbreaking, but usually I'm asleep for most of it.  ;-)

Then we eat breakfast, which Peter makes 19 times out of 20.  This morning we had egg nests.  If you haven't had it, you should, it's great.  You just cut a circle out of the middle of a piece of bread and break an egg into the middle.  Flip until cooked.  I like mine a little runny so I can dip the dry corners of the bread into it.  I also had mango juice this morning.  They have this thick mango juice at select grocery stores, I usually get it at the Food Stadium Tokiwa, and it tastes really fresh.  I love it.  Knox loves it, too.

Then we run around getting ready, trying to put Knox on the potty, changing diapers, brushing teeth, and packing our bags for the day.  We put on our shoes - Knox now calls his white sneakers his "baseball shoes," probably because he watches the school baseball team sometimes in the afternoons and they wear white shoes.  We put on our coats, grab Knox's backpack, my backpack, and Peter's diaper bag, and head out the door.  If we have time, Knox gets to walk down the stairs holding my hand, but we usually don't have time, so Knox screams and squirms while I try to get us down the stairs in a timelier manner.  He tries to squirm out of my arms and says, "Knox do it Knox do it down down down!" and he expresses his disapproval by throwing his head back and yelling, "Bonk!"

Let me explain "bonk."  When Knox hits his head we say that "he bonked it."  When Knox doesn't like something he hits his head on things on purpose and says, "Bonk!"  Some of you reading, especially if you don't have kids, and maybe if you don't have a boy, might think that's enough reason to head to the pediatric shrink.  You can relax though, because it is perfectly normal as long as the kid doesn't do it all day, which he certainly doesn't.  He also sometimes gets mad and throws himself down and says, "Knox fall down."  We very rarely allow him to do something just because he's upset that he can't, but I guess it makes him feel like he has some control over the situation.

Knox gets strapped into his car seat (which would've still been rear facing, but since we have been in Japan he has been forward facing because that's the kind of car seat we have) and we drive to my school.  Knox learned early on where we were gong and sometimes he starts saying, "Bye, bye, Mommy" when we still have a ways to go.  This morning he said the whole alphabet except for L and M.  I'm hoping to get the whole thing out of him before his second birthday.  ;-)  I kiss Knox and/or get a snoozle from him, and go into school. 

Knox is going to school with Peter now, so they go on to Woodstock Preschool.  I have never been, but I hear all about how they go to the potty every hour, brush their teeth after lunch, sing songs and read stories, go to the park, and have a pretty good time.  They have park outfits:  a white t-shirt with a rainbow across the front and matching turquoise hat and shorts.  Knox and Peter finish at 2pm.  Knox had been skipping his naps for a month or more, but now that he is so active everyday, he has been sleeping from 2:30 to 4:30 most days. 

Which means that I get to stay at work a little longer.  I usually leave anyway and start walking.  I don't have a routine yet for the afternoons.  One day I went to the bank, one day I went to read and have a smoothie, one day I hung out at the Lawson (a こんびに or convenience store) until they came to get me. 

Then we get home and run around and play or watch DVDs (maybe Elmo and the Bookaneers or Totoro), eat dinner around 6:30pm, followed by a bath.  Then Knox gets to have "nakie time."  He runs around like a maniac, jumps up and down in front of the mirror, slaps his belly, and yells, "Knox nakie time!"  He sits on the potty for a while and reads books before we use all the energy we have left to hold him down and make him put clothes on.  He squirms and kicks and sometimes injures one of us.  Then he gets beeboos.  I limit beeboos to about 20 minutes, and no matter what stage of sleep he's at, he gets put into his bed.  Last night he was kicking and singing his own bedtime songs after 20 minutes.  I try to have all of this done so that he gets into bed at 8pm.  He has been doing a really good job of going to bed even if he isn't drowsy when I lay him down.

That's Knox's day!

From Japan,


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Megan said...

I love hearing about Knox's day! Strangely even though they are worlds apart, it still sounds similar to Mia's! She does not heed our alarms either and wakes us up long before the sun is out many mornings crying for one or the other parent and often wanting "milk, milk!" (so desperate!)

She is throwing a lot more tantrums now and screaming...I did not see that as part of Knox's day so perhaps that's where they differ.

If we really wear her out during the morning, she'll most likely take a solid nap which is oh so nice.

We haven't been stressing the potty but perhaps I should try it more. In time, in time!

Mia's counting and working on the alphabet too --- much thanks to Sesame Street!