Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Flu

I haven't felt my muse stir lately, so I've only glanced sideways at my blog, but I want to keep it consistent so I'm just going to tell you about my week, month, year, life... who knows what?

Peter and Knox have the flu.  Part of me has always denied that the flu was a real thing separate from colds.  This weird little belief system followed me to Japan where I gently and good-naturedly scoff at the wearing of masks, the requisite three days off, and the school closings for flu.  Whenever I have a sniffle I am asked if I have the flu.  "No," I say, and in my head, "Pffft.  The flu.  What is the flu anyway?"

But now I have an actual glob of tested mucous for proof of the flu.

Knox tested positive for Influenza Type A on Wednesday, and the doc asked which of us, me or Peter, had the symptoms, too.  The clear answer was that Peter was the one with the symptoms, so the doc gave him some flu meds, too.

Peter rarely gets sick, and when he does, he doesn't get as sick as I do.  Add that to my experience in Japan of being sick for about 6 months, and I am baffled that I do not have the flu.  Peter and Knox have been miserably battling up to 104 degree fevers, and I'm chillin'.  I have actually felt Knox's saliva fly into my eye from a cough, I have eaten off both of their forks and put my mouth on the slimy side of a toddler cup, but I woke up again today with no flu.  This can only mean one thing; there is only one, I say ONE conclusion to be drawn from these events:  The flu really doesn't exist.  For me.  ;-)

My poor little bubby boo boo has been a virtual heater for three days and has thrown up everything he has eaten.  He can't sleep and fusses about everything due to fatigue and discomfort.  I put the wrong video on and he points and says, "NO THIS, NO THIS!"  Actually, it's really cute.  Whenever he doesn't like or want something lately, he points at it and says, "No this."  When we tried to give him his medicine last night he waved at it and said, "Bye, bye medcin," and he repeated it more emphatically the longer we tried, waving bye bye all the while to his medicine, hoping that it would in fact go bye-bye.

Last night, Knox hadn't had a wet diaper in more than 12 hours, he threw up his medicine 10 minutes after taking it, and he was coughing uncontrollably, preventing sleep, so we went to the hospital at about ten.  The doctor just felt his pulse and listened to his chest from the back, not even putting the stethoscope under his shirt, but Knox howled, "No, no, no!"  The doctor talked with us extensively, finally telling us that he was fine and sending us away with no treatment.  That was fine.  We went for either treatment or peace of mind, and we left happy.

Knox's fever was much better this morning, but now it's back.  Poor little man.  I'll stop and get him some apple juice on the way home. 

I have felt infinitely better since starting my supplement regimen and breaking the coffee habit.  I am not joking - coffee was giving me mental health problems.  I am off coffee and feel on top of the world, I take a muli-vitamin, Floradix iron, Vitamin D3, and probiotics.  I also dissolve a vitamin C packet in water from time to time.  It sounds like a lot, but I feel so much better, and I haven't gotten sick since I started this.  I almost got sick last week, and I did end up with some chest congestion, but I just had to take it easy for two days and I was fine again.

So, I guess I ended up talking about the flu.  I want to tell you about our acupuncture appointments and how our acupuncturist, Yamaguchi Sensei, bled Peter.  I'll save most of the story for another time, but he actually poked Peter's finger and bled him.  It seems crazy, but if you could meet Yamaguchi Sensei, you would feel, as I do, that he is not a man to doubt or mess with.  He can heal you, but I suspect that he could also kick your a$$.

From Japan,

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Megan said...

Please post acupuncture stories! Hope your men are feeling better!