Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bachelor

I'm just going to come out and say it:  I love The Bachelor.  I started watching during Jason's season when we had recently moved to Florida and I was pregnant.  That combo (plus my persistent "morning" sickness) made for a lot more laying in bed and watching TV.  I don't usually get to hear what people talk about or see how they act in these intimate situations.  I really think there is something to learn from watching these people sabotage themselves over their insecurities and instabilities.  Watching personal relationships is fun when it's fake, and it's even more fun when we can kid ourselves into thinking it's real.  I mean, it's real a little bit.  And Jason and Molly got married, so that was real. 

I love the antics of ABC, choosing a girl from the last show to be the new bachelorette, or vise versa.  Hook me network, I love you for it.  Now, the intense lying and cheating and inserting themselves into people's lives to create drama... I could do without it.  I think the network goes a little too far sometimes to create drama that is more malicious than it is entertaining.  And ABC, leave Reality Steve alone.  He's really your ally. 

Thinking about the glamorous life is fun, too.  They get to live in this beautiful house, their job is to look great all the time, they get to go to all of these exotic locations and have once in a lifetime experiences, the bachelor or bachelorette is paid pretty well I think, they stay in the suites of beautiful hotels, and their roots are always done, so they must get some awesome hair and make-up benefits... sounds fun.  I'm sure there are plenty of drawbacks to being on the show, but I never will be and this is stupid TV, so I don't have to acknowledge them.

People complain about how the dates are the same from season to season; I don't care.  Different people mean a whole new deal, even if they are both repelling down a building or gettin' frisky in the turquoise waters of who-cares-which tropical island.  The fantasy suite cards are just as fun every season for me, even if one or the other of them turns it down. 

Episode 5 will be available to me tonight, I think, but I couldn't wait.  I needed a fix.  Where do you go for a Bachelor fix between episodes?  Reality Steve!  Thank you Reality Steve, for keeping me fueled up on info.  Now I can focus on the winner throughout the whole show, and heckle the other girls who I know are eventually getting rejected. 

I'd love to see Chris L. from Ali's season as a future bachelor, and I know who I want to see as the next bachelorette, but I won't ruin it for you, if you don't know which current front runner gets the gentle bachelor booting. 

See, I like to remember that life is The Great Balancing Act.  For instance, when I was first getting hooked on Jason and Molly, I was also completing Anna Karenina.  Now, while I practice my southern accent alongside Brad and Emily, I'm learning Japanese.  And eating frosting straight from a bowl.  Followed by The Spartacus Workout.  Balance, see?

From Japan,


Anonymous said...

i do see the balance, especially when doing alternating T-push-ups along side of you. And Thanks for the frosting reminder, muahaha

gnacres said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT...even though I do NOT like the Bachelor. I can see it from a different perspective now though from the read. I think our choices have lots to do with our ages....but write on as I ALWAYS love the read. Thanks

Ayne said...

frosting.... eeek!!!!! :-(

Tiffany said...

Ayne, I put lots of cinnamon in, which is good for you, and it was Pamela's wheat, gluten, and dairy free frosting, if it's any consolation. ;-)