Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hair and I

I got a haircut at Jane Hair last Sunday, my first haircut in Japan.  My fear of getting a bad cut or my precious hair chopped off, again, put the emergency brake on my regular hair care schedule.  I donated 13 inches of hair one year ago, November, and my two-year regrowth prediction seems on schedule, but one overzealous stylist could ruin our plans; my and my hair's, that is.  However, they did a great job on Peter's difficult hair, so I gained confidence.

I went through the translation rigmarole, demonstrating the amount I wanted trimmed by placing my thumb and forefinger together and squinting up my eyes.  Then, it happened.

I sat down in the automatic chair, they placed a cozy blanket over my lap, a thin paper towel across my face, and I got the greatest hair washing of my life.  The shampoo smelled amazing, and the dude with the bleached blond, spiky hair scrubbed my brains out.  He rubbed, massaged, and whipped my hair about.  My scalp tingled with pleasure and the relaxation oozed from my head, through my unforgotten temples, down my jaw and neck, across my shoulders... my whole body joined in and I really thought, If I could do this every 8 or 10 weeks, I could stay in Japan for another year, and a shoulder massage awaited me still!

Feeling drunk with pleasure, a lady escorted me (supported me, dragged me, I can't remember) to the seat where I received, just what I hoped for, barely any haircut at all.  "The Master" of the salon even finished me off with a blow dry.  An ordinary haircut, a spectacular experience.

I left with a family discount and a fancy bar of soap, a present from "The Master," who also bowed us out of the parking lot. 

After Jane Hair, I travelled to Yamakuni where I had a great weekend with Peter, Knox, M, and A.  We all went ice skating, Onsening (I went twice and almost passed out because I didn't want to leave), ate great and cheap food at the onsen restaurant, worked out, and played in the falling snow!  Things are looking up.  My hair and I predict a bright and healthy future. 

From Japan,

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Anonymous said...

I like this one, Very Positive, remember this as a light in dark places.