Monday, January 17, 2011

Chris Pine

When I got to my desk today, on a short happy high that I made it to the morning meeting, which I don't necessarily have to attend, but I think it best that I do, I saw a flyer for movies in the theater now.  People don't go to movies much in Japan.  I have never been to a movie in Japan.  But, as the meeting went on that I can't understand, I started to peruse the flyer.  I made the American movies out from the katakana titles.  One title that gave me trouble was actually a movie that I had started watching one night, and I couldn't figure it out because they changed the title for Japan.  They do that a lot.  Like Killers became Kiss and Kill.  Well, the meeting went on, and I kept noticing new, decipherable information in the intimidating mess of hiragana, katakana, and kanji.  denzeru washinton- Denzel Washington.  kurisu pain- Chris Pine.  Chris Pine!  I got excited.  I'll tell you why.

In the summer of 2002 I participated in the Williamstown Theatre Festival as an apprentice.  Chris Pine was an apprentice, too.  There were 60 of us there for the summer in Massachusetts, the festival requires much time and energy, and there's nothing else to do, so we all saw a lot of each other, so to speak.  Chris Pine is a really nice guy and a talented, charismatic actor.  He sure loves the ladies, but we're so awesome, can you call that a flaw?

Skip forward a little... after the festival I moved to New York and the circumstances there broke me.  I went home, feeling as though my passion for everything was dead forever.  I really was a shell of myself, and it took a shrink and 6 months of pills, not to mention some serious working out, to get me healthy.  But, I still wasn't the same for about a year.  It's so funny to me, but Chris Pine played an instrumental part in changing that, so now when I see him anywhere, and he's everywhere more and more, I feel happy for him, and I don't make an effort of it, but I guess I keep tabs on him a little bit, because of how he helped me, which he will probably never know.  Well, he might.  Here's how he helped me...

I went to the movies with my mom, and I think there was a problem with the movie we wanted to see, (which now seems serendipitous) and the only other movie in the time slot we needed was Princess Diaries 2.  I was sitting in the theater, still empty and hurt and probably apt to break out into tears at inappropriate moments, when I saw a familiar face.  At first my brows furrowed and I tilted my head like a confused puppy.  I thought, I think I know that person.  Is that Chris?  No.  Yeah.  It's Chris!  Chris Pine!  I felt so much hope.  I was right next to him a year or so earlier.  And he did it.  He was up there, kissing Anne Hathaway.  It sounds dramatic, but I'm not joking:  Sitting there in that theater I felt my self reemerge, I felt and even envisioned the embers of a fire bursting back into flames.  My passion was back, and I have Chris Pine to thank.  I would have if he hadn't been pretty intoxicated, highly enjoying his party.

Through a strange turn of events, I ended up at his birthday party in LA a few months after I moved there in July of 2005.  He was really nice and I think he made sure we had drinks and such, but the time was not right for a one on one conversation.  We didn't know many people, so we didn't stay long, and that's the last time I saw him in person.  At the party, another mutual friend told us about some deals he had in the works to do a movie with Ray Liotta and another with Lyndsay Lohan.  Both came to pass.  I loved his face-in-the-camera monologue in Smoking Aces.  Nice work Chris.

So, I've only seen two of his movies, but that doesn't indicate the level of my support.  And now I have a Japanese Unstoppable ad pinned to my desk.  Now, it's so much less personal than the first time, in the theater, because he is morphing from a friend into an unknowable movie star, but it's kind of like, anything having to do with him fuels me.  Looking up at this little newspaper still, seeing him walking along next to Denzel Washington, it makes me feel good.  It makes me feel close to something wonderful.  It makes me feel like anything is possible. 

From Japan,

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Megan said...

Wow, that is pretty cool! I've seen him in a CSI: Miami episode, Star Trek, and most recently, Unstoppable, which was a pretty good movie. I've also seen him in Princess Diaries 2 but didn't really "know" him at the time. YOU ARE FAMOUS!
I think I get what you mean about certain people motivating you -- it's like something about them that engages a synapse in your body and you feel reenergized. I do think that's something to it. It's very powerful.
Wouldn't it be awesome if you get to see him again!?