Saturday, November 19, 2011

Address, Refreshed

***NEW*** My High School changed so here is my new address for alllll of the presents you want to send me!!

Skype:  TiffanyHope7

*I now recieve packages at school.  It's much easier :

Getting those slips on my door that say they "tried to deliver a package and I wasn't home so I'll have to call for re-delivery or pick up my package at the post office" give me anxiety and make me groan.  You think speaking Japanese is hard?  Try it on the phone.  SO.  I'm now having my packages shipped to my school.  Everyone does it.  I even have one friend who gets packages at her school no matter what address is on the box.  Each town knows their foreigner, and where to find them.  :-)

Please send packages, letters, postcards, love, and the like to:

Tiffany Breuer
Hofu High School
Haya 600-1
Oita City, Oita prefecture
870-0854  Japan

***BELOW:  still valid home address information***

Sending to Japan seems intimidating and expensive, but it's not!  And think of the joy you will bring us lonely foreigners in a faraway land.  I got a card the other day and the stamp said 98 cents.  You can do it!

Don't worry about the address too much; Japan's mail system is so good that I think if you put 'Tiffany in Japan' it would find me.  Just get it all on there somewhere and it will be ok.

Tiffany Breuer
KR 1-6
Jonan Higashi Machi 1-6-1
Oita City, Oita
870-0824 Japan
Home: 727-599-0877 - That's right Americanos, make a local call right to me in Japan!
Cell: 080-5280-9138

From Japan,

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Nataila said...

THANKS!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how different addresses are in different parts of the world! I figure it can't be more than shipping to Argentina, the good thing being that when you send it to Japan they wont steal your mail! :)