Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh, I don't know.

The title to this installment is the answer to the question, "What should I write about?"

How about chemicals leaching into our drinks?  That sounds like fun.

The reason I bring it up, is this: Here in the grand ole' country of Japan we have vending machines.  There are so many that I am going to go ahead and say they are a part of the culture.  I am disturbed by one quality the vending machines possess.  They possess the ability to sell you HOT drinks.  Slap a 100¥coin into the slot and you can have your favorite summertime cold drink in the hot variety.  I find it disturbing that I can purchase a hot drink in the same plastic bottle or can, or lined box, that I can buy cold.  Is the plastic in Japan different than the plastic in the US?  Are cans not lined? 

Maybe I only care because I'm half way down the road to hippiehood, but one can't deny that chemicals leached into food and beverages cause problems.  There are news stories about it and companies like Sigg and Kleen Canteen build entire marketing campaigns about it.  (Yes, Sigg has been thrown out of the non-leaching clean world.  Their products apparently don't leach, but the chemicals are still present in their liners.)

Do people not care, or do they just not know?

On to another topic...

How about Holidayitis?  It's kinda like Senioritis.  Here's how you can tell if you have it:
-Calling a word search with Christmas words a "cultural lesson."
-Thanking your version of god for the Emperor of Japan being born close to Christmas, and that it's a national holiday so at least you get to stay home for something.
-Feelings that you should be consuming mass quantities of chocolate Santa Clauses and pies.

I know I have it.  I think the only treatment is to just wait it out.

And finally, just because three topics seem right, I'll talk about my wellness.  I have been sick since mid-October.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor because I was coughing uncontrollably, and he gave me antibiotics, which I refused to take.  When I woke up a couple of days later, after feeling a definite upturn, with sore tonsils, I began to take every pill I had in the house, including the antibiotics, but I was so sick on Tuesday morning that I stayed home from school and slept ALL DAY (hence my last really depressing post).  And guess what?  I feel better than I have in months.  I'm not convinced that the Doctor had a good reason for giving me the antibiotics, but it turns out I needed them.  He didn't even look in my ears or nose.  I feel pretty good.

Oh, ok, one more...  I ordered a bunch of stuff off of today and I can't wait to get it!!  Cleaning time at school.  Gotta go.

From Japan,


Megan said...

"Maybe I only care because I'm half way down the road to hippiehood, but one can't deny that chemicals leached into food and beverages cause problems." You said it better than I could, Tiff.

Glad you get a break, sounds like you need it. I'm not anti-antibiotics but I know what you mean. I'd rather not most of the time. But sometimes, you just gotta do it. Rest up, my friend! Merry Christmas!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Megan, for everything - for keeping in touch most of all. Your comments and messages have meant more than you know.

mracine said...

Two things.
Fist, major corporations only tell us that plastic leaks poison in our bottles so we don't reuse them. Marketing genius.
Second, plastic doesn't bio degrade. The more plastic particle that get into our bodies, the closer we get to becoming invincible.