Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This One's For You

You know who you are.

Ahhhhh, this week...  Knox is getting, like, all 32 teeth in this week, which means I've gotten about 2 hours of sleep in a row for a few nights and I look like I'm 40.  A bunch of us JETs are going to Fukuoka this weekend, and due to a whole bunch of changes in plans, I am going sans Knox and Peter.  Or should I say, "Peter and Knox?"  Anyway, part of me doesn't really want to go to Fukuoka, but I am highly motivated by the possibility of sleeping through an entire night.  However, this night of sleep, since I will be in another city with a bunch of JET participants, will likely not begin until the wee hours.  What to do.  I'm also physically adverse to being more than approximately 20 minutes from Knox, but I think I will live.  I often feel this way, like I don't want to be away from the fam, and as though I would rather save money than go on a little trip, but I'm usually refreshed and happy that I did once I am done.  So, to Fukuoka I go.

I will take the train on Saturday morning with a JET pal - you get a discount if you buy 4 tickets, 2 going and 2 returning, so we are buying them together - and then we will see the great city of Fukuoka.  By the way, if anyone I'll be hanging out with reads this, I want to see the green building.  It looks amazing.  It looks like a regular building on one side, and like a tiered park trying to climb into the sky on the other side.  Ikimasho, yo!

Also this week, Knox has been running a fever and his nose has been super runny from teething, and then on top of all that he got sick.  He has a nasty cough, but he went to the doc's today and got medicine and he'll be ship-shape in a couple of days.  Oh, if the fam is reading, Knox had his 18 month check up yesterday, and he passed everything with flying colors.  All of the babies in this area that were born within a week of each other go at the same time, and they have a series of rooms set up for check ups of the teeth, weight and height, body, and mental and physical development.  They had him point at pictures on a page to see if he could recognize the words and identify the picture, and he did so awesome!  He pointed at (and repeated the words) for banana, car, Anpanman, and some other things (I was at work so I am telling this 2nd hand, but I'm totally going next time!).  The room where they have to be in only a diaper was really warm, Peter said.  He is about 23.3 lbs and 32 inches.  He was such a good boy that we got him a treat.  I said, "Do you want a new toy or ice cream?"  He said,"Iceream."  So, we got some iceream.  That was the first time we went out for a special treat together to celebrate Knox being a good boy.  He is such a good boy all of the time.  He makes me so happy.  Sleepy, but happy.

As for me, I am suddenly improving from the culture shock.  On Tuesday of this week I felt a noticeable change in my mental and emotional state, and I am not so... puffy.  I don't know what that means, but I was puffy, I think.  I CAN'T FIND MY BOOKS.  I brought two books to Japan.  Do you know how I feel about books?  I love them.  I chose 2.  AND I CAN'T FIND THEM!!!  Tomorrow I am going to the Hofu Jr. High English Seminar, which I am happy about because I like doing anything that is different from what I am usually doing.  We are planning to go to Universal studios in Osaka over Christmas break, probably around January 1st, because they have tons of Elmo stuff, and Knox loves Elmo.  I took a tap class last night that was decent, especially since I haven't tapped since June, which means that I am rusty.  I'm trying a ballet class on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americanos!!

From Japan,



Kristina Cruise said...

Wonderful post. Thank you tiff. Love, kristi

Anonymous said...

I think that you liking to do something different than what you usually do is true for your whole life. I like it.

Megan said...

Even though they're worlds apart, Knox & Mia must still like to maintain a similar schedule! She must be cutting more teeth (frankly, I've lost count at this point!) and has been insane. While unlike Knox, she's fussy and not behaving well, she has had the congestion too--which I think is because of the teething. It's getting better though. Big Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! Peace, Love & A big bite of Turkey