Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The Room
Today was Thanksgiving for some JETs, and we have one more Thanksgiving coming up.  We rented a kitchen at a community center that had 6 ovens.  If you haven't heard, we JETs don't typically have ovens, and even those who do report that they don't work very well and are smaller than American ovens.  One day in my Cross Cultural Communications class I described the size of an American oven and drew a picture on the board to a chorus of, "Ehhhh?"  My team teacher drew an approximation of her oven next to mine, and I told them that if we have an oven like that in the U.S., then we have two.  We JETs have toaster ovens and some have convection ovens, and we get very creative with rice cookers.  You know you can cook a cake in a rice cooker?  Who knew?

Kangaroo Meat

So, today we got to the kitchen at about 9:30 and got our quiches going.  We were Team Quiche, and we made 4 quiches; they were all different configurations of broccoli, ham, greens, cheddar, and feta.  Cooking in Japan takes quite a bit of effort, especially if you want to cook something foreign, like quiche, turkey, pumpkin pie, or kangaroo curry.  Coordinator Katie and Team Potato Brandy drove two hours to a Costco to pick up ingredients for everyone.  Convenience foods aren't as easy to find in Japan, so we had to make our own crust from scratch.  It was fun and made me feel more capable and less dependent on others.  Team Dessert, which ended up being only Katie, pretty much, made their own pie crusts from graham crackers and ginger snap cookies.  I'll have to find out where the kangaroo came from.  I took Knox home for a nap in the middle of the day, so I missed some interesting details.

Peter and Pete

Beer Pong 
The turkeys were ordered from a website called "The Meat Guy" and were delivered prior.  Three guys had to go get the turkeys from Lee's apartment around noon.  Picture three guys walking down the street, each holding a 10 pound turkey.  Thirty people eat a lot of turkey.  The turkeys were named Rodney, Pete, and ?.  We ended up having carrots, 2 kinds of potatoes, quiche, roasted vegetables, 3 varieties of stuffing - made from scratch - including plain stuffing, sausage stuffing, and oyster stuffing, turkey, mushroom gravy, giblet gravy, and turkey neck gravy, kangaroo curry, applesauce, green bean casserole, garlic/seasoned bread, spiced tea, hot chocolate, coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and a few other things.  We all cooked together, ate together, and cleaned up together.  There were dishes done in 5 or 6 sinks, people packed up tons of left-overs, and we rounded things out with a beer pong tournament.

Peter Doing Conversions.  Danged Metric System.  
Knox and Masa chased each other around until mid morning when Masa hit his eyebrow/forehead area and had to go for a butterfly.  I drove Yuko and Masa to the clinic and then went to retrieve their insurance card.  Knox also got to run around with everyone when we went out for a 4 o'clock game of football.  He had a great time all day and had lots of  attention and babysitters.

Yuko, and Knox Giving Masa a Hug
I really felt like it was Thanksgiving.  I even was thinking that traffic was the way it was because it was Thanksgiving.  The day was a huge success, apart from not getting one great big group photo.  Thank you to everyone who contributed, and for inviting us.      

From Japan,


Sophie said...

The kangaroo came from the Meat Guy too!

Anonymous said...

So much food, It was awesome. I love the picture of pete and pete. I can not believe that we ate Kangaroo for the first time in Japan. Weird.