Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Dexter Moment

Sometimes Dexter gets upset.  Even more rare, sometimes Dexter lashes out in public... but only in his head.  One of the best scenes depicting a Dexter freak out is when he finds out that Prado is using him.  Dexter throws a chair through the lab window, chucks his computer into some other equipment, and generally destroys the office with his bare hands.  But he doesn't, really, because a moment later the object of his passion peeks his head in and asks Dexter for a round of golf, and Dexter, in a calm manner, swivels around on his chair in his unharmed office to say, "You bet."

A couple of things are causing me to have a Dexter freak out right now.  #1:  My computer at school.  It's a useless hunk of grey mass and it infuriates me.  I really think the only reason people keep buying PCs is because people are masochists.  They would rather do what is comfortable rather than what is good for them.  Every morning I go through a kind of strategy with my computer.  I open it right away, sometimes before I sit down, and press the power button.  Then I put my phone, Japanese dictionary, lunch, and chapstick on my desk and take my coat off.  By this time the password prompt is available and I put mine in and press enter.  This is when I need a longer activity, like going to get a cup of tea or coffee, or organizing my folder for that day's classes.  When I get back, I have to close several new word documents that have opened themselves, and reopen the word document that I wanted to see.  Shortly after getting my document open, I open an Internet Explorer window, just so she's getting warmed up for me when I need her later.  That's all for my first routine of the day, but throughout the day, the entire day, every single time I save or open something, I have to wait.  And wait.  Sometimes I time how long it takes for a program to open, or even just an e-mail composition window.  45 seconds... a minute 20... one time I got up to around 4 minutes when I finally just killed it and started over.  I usually don't torture myself with timing.  Anyway, I usually end up physically threatening my computer once or twice a day, and I often have Dexter freak outs, where I see myself punching my computer in its stupid Windows face and smashing it repeatedly into the desk and the ground.

Frustration #2:  Lack of physical activity.  I'm not a sitter.  I'm a mover.  I do like to sit for long periods of time; I could read for hours.  However, this sitting must be balanced with, or outdone by, some serious running and jumping around.  I have such a dilemma because my time for shakin' what my momma gave me is after school, but that conflicts with the three and a half to four hours that I get with Knox each day.  I don't want to leave him and I feel strongly about being there for bedtime.  My preferred activity is dance, but all of the classes I know about start before 8:45 or so when I would ideally like to get there.  I wonder if the gym would be open after that, if I were willing to pay $60 a month for that access?  Anyway, I get really antsy at work and sometimes just take a stroll around the school because my butt is asleep.  Again.  This also brings me to why I am writing this blog at 4:30 in the morning.  I woke up around 2:45, I think, and I had to pee, then I needed some chapstick and a drink of water, then my back hurt and I made peter rub it a little, but he never really rubs it, he just starts to and then falls back asleep, and then I started to have what I refer to as crazy legs, but I had it all over.  Crazy Legs is a condition similar to RLS, or restless leg syndrome.  Crazy legs happen sometimes for no reason, or when I am am beyond tired, or apparently, when my body simply will not take it anymore and must move, despite the complete inappropriateness of the hour.

So, this is freak out number two.  I had Crazy Body and had to get up and pace my apartment and do some jumping jacks.  And write a blog, apparently.    

From Japan,


KaiKinapela said...

Start bugging people about your computer now. In the school office there should be a computer guy that can look at it.

If nothing else they probably have a spare somewhere since a lot of schools got new computers recently.

On physical activity... Can you join any of the gym classes at school? I know some ALTs have.

Anonymous said...

I love that scene from dexter. I do not love that you are experiencing things that are causing you to feel like you need that. I can not believe anyone prefers PC's.