Thursday, November 11, 2010

Culture Shock

So, I just consulted my culture shock graph, and I see my state of being confirmed.  I am in month four, which means I've been dealing with less than positive feelings, about being illiterate, mostly.

According to the graph, I will feel hostile for the next several weeks, and then start to improve.  I should be feeling fine by Christmas.  I don't actually feel hostile.  If you were to look at me, I just look like something smells kinda funny. 

There are lots of great and fun things going on, too.  We have a lot of really generous people around us who have invited us to dinner and offered to help with Japanese.  Our JET friends are awesome.  We are lucky to be surrounded by great friends who invite us to their apartments and shower us with movies, American football, and familiar candy purchased in Guam.  Our neighbors are awesome and we share rides, dinners, the internet, good conversation, and now Dexter.  We love having friends from distant towns crash on our couch and our floor, and we love returning the favor.  We are very slowly and painfully figuring out places that have what we want, and I am trying out a tap class soon, which I hope will be challenging.

Peter is doing fine, but I think Knox misses his mommy.  He wakes up around 5 am everyday crying for me, crying for the beeboos.  I think it's his way of spending more time with me.  Don't worry though, he has lots of fun playing at the parks and at kids groups and the Mommy Monster gets him when she gets home.

From Japan,


KaiKinapela said...

Hope that the delicious turkey party helped ^_^

Tiffany said...

It did. ;-)

Kristina Cruise said...

Love the graph! : ) - Kristi

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that month 4-6-ish are supposed to be hostility. I think that this will not happen in our case, but who knows. It could come out in a sneaky way.